Post-undergrad disappointments

You’ll always face struggles and challenges, but you’ll eventually reach your dream

I’ve been a UTM alumna for six months now. And I still can’t land a job in my field.

After getting the bachelor’s degree from Canada’s top university, along with work experience, you’d think that landing a job would be easy. I remember writing an op-ed during the last week of classes in the previous academic year that was full of positivity, passion, excitement, and hope, none of which helped in the post-undergrad life.

Let me clarify this first: I’m a journalist, currently working a part-time job as the managing editor here at The Medium. Thus, my end goal is journalism. It’s what I dream of doing and where I see myself in the future. But to get a job in this field at a top news organization—it’s almost impossible, particularly as a recent graduate. I was full of hope and thought I had some experience and internships that would make me stand out as a fresh graduate. But I wasn’t exactly right. It stressed me and upset me and took me almost the whole first semester to accept the fact that it takes time.

Many people told me to switch my field, to get a job in a bank or something in public relations, since my specialist was political science, but I’m refusing to let go. I simply don’t believe that taking the easy way out is the solution. I believe if I work for the sake of just having something to do every morning, I’ll eventually hate myself and my life. I always see people who decide to do something else right after their first attempt at following their passion fails. And while that may be okay with them, and while they may become successful in their new jobs, I just can’t seem to understand why someone would let go of their passion. If it’s because of income, I understand. However, how can you push aside your passion to the point where you eventually forget about it?

I may have faced a big disappointment in the beginning of this academic year when I didn’t get my dream job. But I used that to challenge myself more. I’m writing on my own, talking to editors at different places, and am currently trying to build a portfolio that would make me reach my goal.

Why am I sharing this with you? Because whether you’re in your first year or last semester, you can still make the best of your university experience. You can join a student club or volunteer for an association. It’s what you’ll remember university with and what will help prepare you for what’s awaiting you outside in the real world. The GPA is important, that’s for sure, but it’s your extra-curricular involvement that will build your resume and highlight your university experience.

Personally, when I look back at my years at UTM, the memory that makes me smile is my time as the news editor here at The Medium, and my involvement with several other social and academic clubs. Though this may have not gotten me where I want to be exactly, I know I learned so much from it.

Before I wrap this up, let me address those expecting to graduate in June—don’t expect it to be easy when you graduate. You might face some struggles. You will face struggles, challenges, and disappointments too. But if you’re set on a certain goal, then never give up on it. Because that’s how it simply works: If you believe in something, you don’t give up on it. And if you do let go, then you’ve taken an easier way out. Don’t be a quitter. If you decide to work in a field other than your goal, then make sure you’re still working on what you want on your own. Follow your passion, dream big, and visualize how you want yourself to be in the future. Then, start working on it. Just take a long breath and have some patience.It will take a lot of time and energy. You’ll get there eventually.



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