Never thought I'd be here

Last week hundreds of new students dressed in matching green t-shirts flocked to the student centre to meet their frosh leaders. I first noticed the first year students as they awkwardly thrust their pelvises at the command of older frosh leaders and I was reminded of my own frosh experience at UTM—minus the pelvic thrusting; I wasn’t much of a fan.

I remember signing up for frosh week last minute with few expectations for UTM. After being an overly eager and involved high school student, I promised myself when I enrolled at UTM that I would focus on academics and get through four years without getting involved. I hoped to graduate as quickly as possible. Never did I think I would be going into my final year as the Editor-in-Chief of The Medium. But here I am, writing my first editorial with my very own team of editors working hard to put our first issue together.

Before I was part of The Medium I was a dedicated student union leader: I believed in everything I was told, and questioned very little.  (I said I was dedicated; I didn’t say I was great.)

During my time as an executive at UTMSU I learned all about UTM, the inner workings of the student union, the politics, and the strategies, and I experienced firsthand the love-hate relationship that UTMSU has with The Medium. Despite our traditional rivalry, I learned a lot from the editors of The Medium that year. They criticized us and questioned the actions of the student union—asking important questions, nevertheless.

The Medium became a place for me where I could help bring light to important issues even when I wasn’t an editor myself. The then Editor-In-Chief (and good friend) Ali Kasim encouraged me to speak up, to help The Medium inform students about the issues that would have otherwise never  come to light. Now it’s my turn to encourage you. I hope The Medium can become for you what it was for me: an avenue for you to speak up in your community. I encourage you all to share what you would like to see on campus, if you’re not happy with the way things are, or if you have something enlightening to say.  Take a cue from an agitated Mr. Buck, who sent The Medium a wishlist of changes he’d like to see. Mr. Buck calls for more space on campus, an expanded Student Centre, more food options, and a fuller, more involved campus life. But even he modestly says that he really “has absolutely no idea” how to make changes, and asks for your opinions and help, too.

All fair requests, if you ask me. We attend the University of Toronto and should expect the very best in all areas of our university experience.

After reading Mr. Buck’s letter, I wonder what changes you would ask for in The Medium. I invite you to share your thoughts with me by writing to me at or submitting a letter at least once this year.

I couldn’t start my term as Editor-In-Chief without thanking Alain Latour, last year’s Editor-In-Chief and Matthew Filipowich our triple threat at The Medium for giving me the tools, encouragement and constant support in my transition from News Editor to Editor-In-Chief.

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