Lizzo did not invent rhythm or body positivity. Panic! At The Disco is my favourite band but they didn’t “save me.” I have a tattoo that says “golden days” based on their song because it rocks. Any problem that I have overcome, I have overcome by myself, and so have you.

You may have had the words of songwriters and the sounds of skilled musicians to improve your mood or distract you when you felt low, but attributing being alive to a famous musician or celebrity is not the way to go.

Tyler Joseph from Twenty One Pilots telling you to stay alive is a great sentiment, but Mr. Joseph did not physically manifest in your house and fix your life or halt your suicide attempt. Life can be dismal at times, and there is help out there for people who really need it. Music is a great escape and can be a form of therapy.

It is incredibly cathartic to scream at the top of your lungs at a loud concert. A lot of people on social media may share your love for a band or celebrity, and you may become part of a community that understands your interests. Your favourite song may read like beautiful poetry and bring tears to your eyes. However, tweeting at your favourite artist that you love them because they saved your life is tricky because they will a) probably never see it, and b) they want you to know that you did that yourself.

They are not God. They are a human being. Just like you. This individual or group of individuals may have influence over your life because you admire them, but the strength that it took to dig yourself out of the hole you were in did not come from the people on your sweaters and wristbands. It came from you. These artists may have handed you a shovel so you didn’t have to use your hands, but ultimately, it was you who saved yourself. Consider giving yourself a little more admiration and credit for how hard you have worked to better your life.

Your favourite musician appreciates the love, but they do not want to hold your life in their hands.

Having said all of this, do not feel ashamed of your love for these artists and celebrities. It is a wonderful thing to discover a song that articulates how you feel and an online community that enjoys the song as much as you do. Enjoying music is a pastime I often find myself blissfully lost in. Enjoying the life that you’re living is marvelous, among other superlatives. Going through dark times and still making it through every day after that is brave because life is hard. But counting on a song or an artist to do more for you beyond increasing your mood is a difficult situation.

If you believe in everyone existing by chance, then you should feel lucky to be alive. Believe in the strength within yourself. Believe in the truth that being alive can feel pretty good sometimes.

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