More on silence and respect

Dear Editor and UTM students,

I just read Mr. Zdravko Dimitrovs letter, On Silence and Respect, and felt an immediate need to voice my agreement. Students behavior in the Library is absolutely unacceptable.

I work in the Library and would like to answer a question raised by Mr. Dimitrov: Yes, all library staff is required to enforce the Library code of conduct, which includes telling people to lower their voices or stop talking altogether.

However, many of us have other main tasks which keep us busy so we cannot fully control the situation at all times. Also, unfortunately, most students simply do not listen. I have lost count of all the times I have told people to stop yelling, stop eating, stop talking loudly. The reaction is mostly either to ignore my warnings, or to continue talking even louder.

It has gotten so bad that only two places in the Library are even remotely suitable for learning, studying and concentrating.

It’s really disillusioning to see university students demand all the rights and privileges from the university (such as 24/5 hours), yet not exercise the responsibility that comes with these rights. I find it quite unusual that I should have to treat relatively grown up people like a bunch of kindergartners just so they would follow well established rules.

I second Mr. Dimitrovs proposal that the Library should now either start hiring people solely to enforce the code of conduct or strictly punish people for failing to follow it.

Romesa Khalid
UTM Student

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