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Sukhpal Sangha

Hello, my name is Sukhpal Sangha. I am running for a position because as an avid reader of
The Medium, I wish to be involved behind the process of creating an issue every week.
Specifically, how the handling of our student incidental fees is managed (in which this academic year each student paid $7.26), as well as the legal affairs regarding The Medium. Please elect me to be on this year’s Board of Directors!


Gwera Kiwana

I would like to run for a position on The Medium’s Board of Directors. I plan to bring my experience in financial and legal affairs to the Board. As both a reader and contributor, I will effectively represent other stakeholders of The Medium. My background in professional writing, coupled with my governance experience, makes me a valuable and relevant addition to a board that oversees the transactions and affairs of a university publication.


Warren Clarke

I enjoy a glass of Shiraz after a long day of gallivanting… I jest, but if elected, my background in political and social activities would greatly contribute to the new vision of the Medium. I have extensive knowledge in various fields (involvement, policy, public issues) that allow me to make informed decisions on a broad range of topics. My academic and extracurricular activities distinguish me from my peers and allow me to provide a fresh and innovative outlook for the team.

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  1. woo go Warren! The Medium is definitely not the same thing it was 5 years ago when I first came across it. I trust you will maintain its progress and propell it to ever newer frontiers! If it keeps going the way it is, I have no doubt big papers like the Globe and The Star will begin to take close looks at the Medium for emerging talent – make it happen!!

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