Weed has been legal for a year. Sexual-intercourse among students is at an all-time high. Yet, no one can just chill!

If it’s not sex or drugs, is it rock n’ roll that we’re lacking? What will convince our fellow peers to put down the Adderall and finally swallow a chill pill?

I read “The Line between Comedy and Outrage” by Vinney Wong, and I find the writer’s opinion reflects a typical stance against transgressional comedy.

Gillis’ “joke” was not funny, but did he really need to get fired by SNL for it? It seems like keyboard warriors got mad so they could feel big about ruining a man’s career. These people are so stupid though. In comedy, controversy is equivalent to martyrdom.

Wong’s article refers to Kevin Hart’s apology when he made jokes about gay people. The writer approves of Hart’s apology but disproves of Gillis’. I remember Hart’s apology, and people at the time were still outraged over him.

Now watch. Gillis will soon step out from under the microscope and a different comedian will take his place. Then that target will apologize and people will refer to Gillis on how to apologize properly.

The writer only uses Hart’s apology to further a case against Gillis. It seems like a “gotcha” towards Gillis to show him ‘if a fellow comedian can apologize properly then you can too.’

Also, although the writer uses Hart as an example of an apologetic Christ figure in the comedy world, the writer also dismisses comedian Rob Schneider’s opinion on the matter.

This is something I’ve never understood. People never listen to comedians who express opinions on comedy. When something insane happens in the medical industry, who are the people we talk to? Doctors. If something happens in the education industry, who do we talk to? Educators. Why can’t we also listen to comedians when something happens in their industry? Wouldn’t comedians be considered experts of comedy?

I’d like to conclude my letter with a statement to my future-self. “Hey, Gordon of the future. Sorry this letter resurfaced and is causing all this backlash from something you wrote fifteen years ago. Say hi to the kids for me.”

Sincerely, get laid.

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