CoC Speaks

Hello. My name is Neil Burman and I attend Community on Campus at UTM. Community on Campus is a program that matches UTM students with adults who have an intellectual disability. The goal is to experience life on campus.


I started coming here two years ago. In my time here, I have met lots of new friends who are student volunteers. My typical day at Community on Campus is filled with many different activities. In the mornings I play cards with my volunteers and with April Forbes who is the coordinator of this program. When the weather is nice I like to go for walks and play baseball and frisbee. I also enjoy bike riding, and have volunteered at UTM’s Bike Share Program for the past two summers. I learned how to lock a bike properly and overall it was a great experience. I do lots of activities indoors as well. These include using the computers, reading and writing exercises, word searches, and playing badminton, golf, and basketball. My favourite activities are baseball, basketball, computers, badminton, and practicing the golf swings. As a result of participating in all of these activities, I have become more interactive and more social.


The activities we do are fun, but the best part, for me, is spending time with the volunteers and becoming friends. Community on Campus is like a family—everyone makes me feel special and appreciated!

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