I have been reading The Medium…

Dear Editor,

I have been reading The Medium this year and was inspired to write to you; last year I wrote a letter after being offended by the insensitivity of the previous editor-in-chief. He seemed upset that people always wrote to The Medium to complain, and said that he would appreciate being told that he was doing a good job. I thought he was a dolt and that the paper last year was dull and flat. The point of this story, though, is that I am writing to you now to tell you quite the opposite. The Medium this year is excellent. I have been a long-time reader and seen both good and bad editors and writers, and this year The Medium has reached a new high. People should know that this paper is worth reading—especially with some of the very appealling articles I have seen. There is humour, sarcasm, and generally interesting articles—not to mention the amazing validation of reading and the English program in last week’s paper, which I as an English specialist truly appreciated.

I have also enjoyed Saaliha’s editorials, and it’s nice to see her speak from her experiences, even though they may upset certain people. It’s even refreshing to see the zeal of Peter Buczkowski’s weekly letters encouraging students to be involved. The main message that seems to be communicated and should be acknowledged is the student experience. Despite conflicts between varying organizations on campus, the focus seems to be, and always should be, on helping students to have the ideal university experience, whether that involves keeping them informed (The Medium/The Disconnect), getting them involved through volunteering and events (UTMSU), the proactive and comforting environment created by residence, or various organizations and clubs like the Women’s Center. What we as students need to remember is that making the most of the university experience is up to us, and apathy may one day turn into regret. Being involved can be a great thing, but sometimes it may end in disappointment; the point is, you learn something from every experience you open yourself up to—both good and bad.

With that in mind, I am very interested on what information students readily receive and the means by which it is spread. I have been pleasantly surprised each week and I thought everyone who works for The Medium should know: GOOD WORK. Each article speaks with a different voice, making them interesting and engaging. I believe that people should be told when they succeed and you guys are. Keep it up.


Kristen Blank

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