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Dear Editor,


The events of last week reminded me how much courage it takes to tell a story. It’s not always easy for a student to report on union politics because: a) they can be incredibly confusing, and b) there can be consequences of writing about something that casts a negative light on such a large entity.

In spite of the controversy over our cover story from last week—and controversy can be a good thing if it creates discussion—I feel that it’s our job as the student newspaper to continue to report on these issues regardless of the challenges. Why? Because often there is so much more to the story than what students are being told. (I hope this week’s coverage helps make that clear.)

Interestingly, while attending one of UTMSU’s information sessions last Thursday—to which all full-time students were invited—I was told by the executive director Walied Khogali not to report on the session. My question is, what could be wrong with reporting on a session that was open to all students? In fact, wouldn’t UTMSU want us to communicate that info to everyone who couldn’t attend? I hope the 10 or so students who were present at the time are also asking these questions.

Our coverage this week aims to address the confusion concerning this year’s AGM—and that means reporting on what was mentioned in the information session, but also what wasn’t, including the level of uncertainty over what will happen if UTSU doesn’t pass compliant bylaws by next October. Even UTSU president Yolen Bollo-Kamara wasn’t sure whether it would mean dissolution.

Regardless of how you vote on the motion on Wednesday, I hope our reporting helps you make an informed decision. We do our best, though we recognize that there’s always room for improvement. And I hope you’ll approach us with your feedback on the coverage. We’ll be a better paper for it.



Maria Iqbal

News Editor

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