Food at UTM

I read last weeks article on the residence fee hikes half-hoping that the writer would mention the food at OPH. He didnt, which was to be expected given that on-campus food wasnt the articles topic, so I decided to bring it up.
Food at UTM sucks. It sucks today and it sucked in the past and unless we do something about it, it will continue to suck tomorrow.  I had hoped when OPH opened that the situation would improve. But it didnt, unless of course you think a plate of salad and plastic chicken and pop for $10 is a good deal.

I eat on campus three, maybe four times a week, a habit that began making such a dent on my savings account that I had to turn to Mike the hotdog guy. Hes the sole provider of cheap, filling, okay-tasting food on campus. But one can only have so many hotdogs. Ive had to return to OPH, at least once a week, and Im bothered not just by the prices but also by the food. Its about the same quality as the food at Spigel Hall, which says enough I think.

Ive given up on the pub, where the (also expensive) food takes 20 minutes to get to your table. Sometimes I have the chilli at Tim Hortons, and sometimes I have a Mr. Sub or a pizza. Which brings me to my next point: food on campus is really not that healthy. This is the one thing I envy about St. George students. Its a campus where Ive had plenty of healthy, reasonably- priced dishes, and where I know I can stroll for less than five minutes before finding a cheap restaurant or cafeteria.

Granted, UTM is not located in downtown Toronto. Its not logical to expect the same variety around here. But thats precisely why UTM should ensure we have more than just a few over-priced in-house options. Of course, a cynic might argue that the lack of options is precisely why food at OPH and elsewhere on campus is so pricey and lacking in variety. I would never set foot again in any of these places if I had the option. But I dont, which probably makes many a businessmen on campus rub their hands.

I guess I could just try to pack my lunch at home. Many others, however, dont have that option. UTM students must buy a meal plan. I dont know how much that costs, but Im guessing its not cheap.  Ive never understood why people on residence are forbidden form cooking their own meals. Could it be out of safety? Fear of fire hazards? Those might be good reasons.
I wish The Medium would address these issues. Why are prices so high? Why arent there more options? Why do so many places close so early?

I could keep on writing, but I have to go pack my lunch. I guess Im lucky that I have that option.

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