Feb 14 doesn't sit well with all

Dear UTM students,

I am very annoyed that every year people are made to feel bad if theyre single on Valentines Day or have not found a date by then. For those who have found that special someone, it is the pressure to do something special, buy that romantic gift, or, now that Family Day falls on the same weekend, plan the perfect romantic long-weekend. And for UTM students, thanks to the timeliness of reading week — the perfect week getaway.

Who does this commercial money making holiday serve? The boyfriend who forgot? The girlfriend who cant afford a unique gift? Or the group of girls who are forced to bitterly stay home in their pyjamas?

How did Valentines even become a holiday? Originally it stemmed from a martyred saint and a priest in ancient Rome who aided and married Christians. However, since there were several saints by this name, and his identity was unclear, some implied this holiday was created to overpower Lupercalia — a Roman holiday intended to cleanse the city and its citizens.

Another theory comes from the story of Saint Valentine. This is a story of one man so heartbroken from being rejected he cut out and sent his beating heart to his love interest as symbol of his eternal love for her. In the latter Middle Ages, the holiday became romanticized by a group associated with Geoffrey Chaucer.

It may seem that I am writing as a bitter female, but I assure you that I am not. And yes this is a very cliché and typical statement but I really just dont understand why people must parade around in red and pink clad and purchase expensive flowers, chocolates or jewellery for February 14. Is this not what anniversaries are for — to celebrate being with your sweetheart?

Fortunately, for the card and confectionary people and the florists, this holiday is celebrated almost worldwide. Well, to those of whose who celebrate or have been roped into celebrating

— Happy Valentines Day.

– Shelley Bahorie

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