Student voice

For the last few months, I’ve been faced with a dilemma in the opinion section: should I push back a letter to the editor to make space for my own editorial? The editor-in-chief’s editorial in The Medium is tradition. For the last four years, I’ve eagerly looked to the opinion section every week to see the editor’s take on the latest news affecting UTM students. This year, that portfolio was passed on to me.

The growing interest in the opinion section this year makes me optimistic about the growing spirit at UTM. Your letters show that more students are not only paying attention, but gaining the courage to voice their opinion on a professional platform. Last week’s letter “Helpless at Tim Hortons” from Sami Karaman received a response from UTM’s director of hospitality and retail services.

The Medium will always be a platform for student voice at UTM. Stay informed and spark debate.




  1. Ahh! What! Lol I was looking forward to a nice, long, insightful Editor’s letter – you just stole (Yes, stole) one of my Monday things Stefanie. Oh well, I look forward to next week’s! ;)

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