Double standard?

Dear Editor,

I am writing to you today after reading the article on the front page last week. I am glad that students stated what they liked about UTM and what needs improving (I didn’t know it was happening) but that is beside the point. What I find interesting is that the student government — UTMSU — brought students in to complain about what they don’t like on this campus and what they want to see in the next principal.  Though I appreciate the efforts made by the student government to give students a chance to speak, I would like to ask why they dont ask students what they want from the student union. I have personally never met or seen any of these people. Asking the Principal to come meet students in the meeting place when the president of the student union has never shown his face is not reasonable.

What I am trying to say is that I don’t want to be friends with the principal or my professors. I think the student government should host a town hall so that students can state what they want out of the UTMSUs vice president and president.

I can appreciate the efforts the student government makes about the campaign to drop tuition fees, but  like the University President asked, what services would you cut if you don’t want to pay to keep services running?

If UTMSU thinks services can exist without students paying then why do we have pay to UTMSU? Why aren’t their services free?
All I’m saying is I’d like to know our President and execs as much as they seem to want to know the principal.

Daniyal Beg

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