Dear Editor,
This relates to your editorial on September 21, the contents of which parallel my life. It takes serious guts and determi- nation to follow through with things one believes in and goals one wants to achieve. It takes a lot of work to get where one wants to be and is not forced to be there either.
Your editorial made me reflect back on my life, where I didnt enjoy doing things I had to do, yet there was a sense of accomplishment after Ive reached my destination. Now Im free of that burden of hav- ing someone peering over my shoulder, watching my every step and directing me like a
puppet. Yet, I find it extremely hard to summon my energy and finally do what I enjoy: create art, promote myself, get my name out there and make it happen. Maybe the paradox lies in the fact that I am finally doing something for myself, instead of for that Mr. Big Company. It might be easier to digest failures when youre not the captain of the ship. Maybe its that crippling fear of always being dissatisfied of never reaching that goal— striving and never arriving ? Perhaps, its easier to live with sabotaging ones own success than to disappoint others.
Elena Cherepnina

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