Be environmentally friendly

Save the planet, save your money—all in a day’s commute. Single-occupant vehicles are the least efficient form of transportation, contributing to traffic congestion, air pollutants, and smog. By choosing an alternative form of transportation instead of driving alone, we can greatly reduce transportation emissions and our carbon footprint.

As an added bonus, travelling green can cut down your commuting costs. Here are some ways you can travel green.

Walk the walk. Burning calories is much better than burning fossil fuels. Walking is a great way to relieve stress and maintain a healthy lifestyle, plus it’s pollutant and cost-free.

Enjoy a bike ride. Cycling is the most efficient form of transportation in terms of distance for energy. It’s also a fun aerobic exercise that not only tones your muscles, but can control blood pressure and reduce the risk of heart disease. Need a bike? The UTM BikeShare offers free 24-hour rentals to students, staff, and faculty.

Transport by transit. Driving can be stressful and costly. Saving on vehicle maintenance, fuel costs, and parking makes transit a more cost-effective but still long-distance form of transportation. Use public transit instead and enjoy a book while you ride. If you’re a full-time UTM student, use your U-Pass and ride fare-free from September to April.

Be cool and carpool. Zip by traffic in High Occupancy Vehicle lanes, and share the price of gas and parking. Joining the UTM Carpool Program will also get you access to premium carpool parking spots, and end your search for a parking space.

Angie Sanchez

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