A wrap up of events

Dear Editor,

We are now starting the third week of school, and so far it’s been a phenomenal time. During the first week of school, we had UTMSU Frosh: The Sequel, where we saw 1,000 UTM students go downtown, cheer-off against the rest of U of T, and then lead the parade through the streets of Toronto. After that, students chilled out listening to amazing local artists like Chromeo and Zeus, before heading to Guvernment to party with all of U of T.

The second week was Clubs Week, where we saw various clubs on campus showcasing themselves, so that students could get more involved with things they feel passionate about. The Student Centre was jam-packed throughout the week with students looking for the clubs they love, or discovering new ones.

Finally, on September 16, we had First Pub, which sold out. The party started at 10 p.m., the mus was live, and nobody wanted to leave till the very end. I would like to personally thank every student who showed up.

However, I would also like to point out something here. All three of these events—in fact, every event that UTMSU hosts—are only a success because people get involved and come out. And it’s not only about parties. For the past two weeks, UTMSU has been tabling all over campus, talking to hundreds of students about the various services we offer and issues we tackle. This week, there are two very important ways that you can take another step in getting involved and can contribute to making this campus a better place.

This week, the nominations open for Erindale College Council, which is the highest decision-making body at UTM. ECC decides on residence, meal plan, and parking fees. There are 50 seats for full-time students and 14 seats for part-time students. If you have concerns about any of these fees, then you can run for these seats and have your voice heard at ECC meetings. If you have any questions about the process, please come by the UTMSU office (Student Centre room 100) and we will find the answer for you.

Also, this Wednesday (Sept. 22) at 5 p.m., UTMSU is hosting its first Commission Meeting of the academic year in the Student Centre. The UTMSU Commission is the first step in making a positive change on campus. Each student has a vote at this body. It’s a great way provide input about the direction that you want YOUR Students’ Union to take. If you have an issue you’re passionate about, come out to the Commission Meeting to make your voice heard.

If you want to know more about our events, join our Facebook group “UTM Students’ Union (UTMSU)” and follow us on Twitter at “myUTMSU”.

Don’t forget to come into the UTMSU office at any time, because we’re always there for you.

In student solidarity,

Vickita Bhatt

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