A very (non)sentimental thank you

It’s been a long day. I think after spending, on occasion, as many as 14 hours in this office on a Sunday with school the next day, that I can officially claim that my days are long. However, today was particularly difficult for me. For nine hours, several editors, myself included, were waiting on the results of our elections to see which of us would be returning next year and who would be taking over particular sections.

Since news of elections first came into the newsroom, I’ve been a wreck. Last year, I had a plan to run for editor-in-chief but the decision was rightly made for Maria Iqbal to take over, as she had more experience. So, I became managing editor and for the past year I have learned from one hell of an EIC, just like I did when Luke Sawczak was running this place. And after three years on the editorial board, I thought I was ready to run for editor-in-chief this year. And, evidently, so did my peers.

In the event of a win, I had nothing prepared to say. Not that I necessarily think that preparing a thank you speech is bad luck, but I didn’t want to write something until the final results came in. Now, I may be in the English and professional writing and communications programs but when it comes to talking about myself, I turn into Tina Belcher and just let out a monotone moan. What can I say? I’m a nerdy kid who joined The Medium in 2012 and within one year, I went from a volunteer to features editor. Then I ran arts. Then I became the managing editor, and now I’m here. Did I think that I would become the editor-in-chief one day? Not really, no. But now that people were kind enough to vote me in, I’m torn between screaming in fear and screaming in joy.

The good news is that there isn’t really enough room in the opinion section this week for me to have time to ramble on about myself or get sappy about my journey here. I’m not that good with sentiment. But, for those of you who voted for me, I need to take the time to thank you. Thank you for enriching my time here. Thank you for thinking that I’m good enough. I wouldn’t be here next year if it wasn’t for you guys. I owe my career to you.

Anyway, that’s enough sentiment. See you guys next year and thanks for voting for someone who once fell into the toilet because she didn’t see that the seat was up. (True story.)

Maria Cruz
Managing Editor

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