A tribute to Adrian Kursa


You were somebody who everyone needed to meet. You made everyone smile no matter what their mood was. In simple words, you were a great man who will never be forgotten.

—Grant Kennedy

Miss you already, buddy. I have no one to eat cookies with or anyone to try to attack me with a dead lobster. Work will never be the same without you. R.I.P.

—Nikki Moore

Adrian, you were taken away from us way too early. It’s going to hurt not having you around, something I think none of us will ever heal from. You were such a great friend, I love you so much. I promise you will never be forgotten. Rest in peace, my friend. Only the good die young.

—Hailey Sofia

No more jager nights, no more UFC fights, no more trips to Niagara, no group excursion to Las Vegas. We’ll miss you and we’ll continue on with your memory. R.I.P Adrian.

—Philip Vatistas

I know you’ll be watchng over us. It was so hard to see you today. I was thinking you were going to pop up and throw some fish at me or something. McDonald’s trips will never be the same without you. I know that you’re in a better place now but I can’t believe you left so young and unexpected. We will meet again soon.

—Kelly Thompson

You were a great guy to share classes with and a great guy in general. You will be missed, my friend!

—Kyle Banks

Hey, buddy, missing you down here. Just wish you were here to spend some good times with. We had the best times hanging out, just even talking. I miss you but I know one day I will see you again. Just missing you, I know you’re watching over us now.

—Brandon Hayward

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