A long list of grievances

Dear Editor,

I have been listing some grievances I have with the UTM campus on Facebook and it was suggested to me to forward them to you so that the opinions could be heard. All things listed are common complaints my friends and I have constantly made and would like to have addressed to make student life easier.

1) North Building
Why is it that a university as prestigious as U of T has a building that is so reminiscent of high school? I heard that NB was supposed to be temporary and then replaced by a better facility. Why is the NB is still there? Clearly we are not lacking funding for a replacement as we are losing a parking lot to a learning center, and half of lot 9 is being eaten by the new medical center. The NB is just an ugly building.

2) Parking passes
Why sell 2500 parking passes when there is less than half the parking space? I dont know how many students waste their money buying parking passes and never get to use them! These people are left roaming around the parking lot, stalking people as they walk towards their cars to grab the parking space. Lot 2 is being eaten away for a new learning center, leaving even less parking spaces for UTM students. One would think that, logically, UTM would sell less parking passes to acknowledge the lack of space—dont count on it though.

3) Showers
I dont know how the womens showers are in the gym, but the guys showers feel like acid rain. Why is it that the showers act as exfoliators? Someone needs to take a look at the water pressure because I should be able to wash my face without worrying about how much skin I will lose.

4) Entrance to the gym
That machine you have to swipe your student card through in order to get into the change room is always broken. It doesnt bother me so much, but honestly, how incompetent are the technicians UTM is hiring that that machine has not been able to remain functional for a single month?

5) Booster Juice
Every time I see somebody walking around with their Booster Juice, it gives me a headache. All Booster Juice is a glorified slushie/Gatorade with a bit of protein thrown in. And these people pay quite a bit for them. Its a stupid waste of money and it annoys me how many people fall for it. Honestly, save yourself the money and just google how much nutrition you should have a day and change your deficient diet to accommodate yourself.

6) UTM shuttle
I would say that five of the shuttle drivers are nice people who are pleasant to talk to, but there are about two or three bus drivers who are so insane that I feel my life is in danger every time Im on the bus. These ladies speed at twice the limit down Mississauga Road and the highway. A kid beside me flew up so high she hit her head. Seriously, we only arrive eight to ten minutes early, and Id much prefer a safe arrival than the possibility of none at all. Its like these drivers are hoping to crash every time they drive the shuttle.

7) Whats with the TV at CCIT?
There is an entire Facebook group dedicated to this last grievance. People say that it is artistic—but I fail to see the art in people running through a disco-lighted maze or a guy bending over with his pants down. Honestly, if the most interesting thing that has ever been shown on that TV is a guy trying to climb a free-standing ladder, then somethings got to change. The guys in charge of that make visitors think that UTM art students are immature and confused.

8) Doors inside the SB hallway
Why are there doors in the hallways of the SB? Doors are meant to provide a pathway from room to room, or from outside to inside. So why did U of T feel the need to have doors that connect hallway to hallway? These doors do nothing more than slow me down. And anything that slows a person down also pisses them off.

9) Programs  as Prerequisites
Why do I have to be a specialist to enroll in certain classes? If I have a higher average than a specialist and Im in a higher year, why should I get shafted a program because I prefer a double major over a single specialist? Why should anyone be shafted like this? Grades should be the primary concern, and there shouldnt be any nonsense said about not enough room in the class because many of these specialists only classes only have ten to fifteen spots. Honestly, if you are a tenured professor, then you should have enough talent to educate more than a handful of students.

10) Library 4th floor
First of all, these area is not necessarily a silent zone, so talking is permitted and fine by me. However, people who come there only talk and goof around are nothing but distracting. Thats pretty annoying, but whats more annoying is the lackluster performance by the library staff in silencing them. Sure the staff comes up and asks them to be quiet, but they will do that song and dance over and over. At St. George, you have one warning, and then you are gone—thats why its quiet as a graveyard at St. George. Maybe the library should take a note from their sister campus about how to curb the noise level.

11) Smoking by the hallway doors connecting CCT to the library
Apparently its illegal now to smoke close to the doorways everyone uses. And that makes sense because if you havent heard about all the things secondhand smoke does to people, then you should not have gotten into university. However, I dont mind the smoke itself, but many other people hate the smokers being so close to the door, and U of T has another lackluster performance in preventing this health hazard. People complain, but what is being done? As of right now, Ive seen nothing but chalk on the ground by a go-getter student but nothing from UTM.

12) NB closes early
NB cafe closes a few hours before the SB cafe, and even earlier on some days, but why? There are still classes going on in the North Building until late at night and sometimes we could really go for a coffee from the only Tims on campus that can get your order to you in under 15 minutes.

Jeff Millar

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  1. Aug 09/2011 – this past school year (and this summer) is MY first year driving the shuttle bus. I would HOPE that if you have a complaint about a specific driver (or even something REALLY NICE to say about one) that you would take the time to get their 1.name, 2.bus number 3.time of dearture and pass on your complaint (or good report) to your transportation office WHO in turn will pass on the the company they have hired to take care of the shuttle. From there, the driver can be delt with/given the compliment and maybe that could help. :o)

  2. This is actually a very old post; created by a few people with my name attached to it. To answer you, Susie, the grievance stood truthfully a few years ago. However, since then I have personally noticed an increase in driver kindness and aptitude. To be short, the current team of bus drivers are kind, professional, and do not risk the lives of their passengers simply to make their appointed time. I apologize for you being insulted by this old article, and regret not correcting it sooner.

    The North Building is still hideous though.

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