Throwing students forth

A crowd filtered in and out of the Blackwood Gallery in the Kaneff Centre last Wednesday evening. Graduate students, Sheridan faculty, proud parents, curious bystanders, journalists and photographers packed the small space. They met there to open the student-run Thrown Forth, a successful showing for the Art and Art History program.

Thrown Forth offers graduating Art and Art History students the opportunity to display their work to the public. The show’s title symbolizes graduation and the moving on of these students.

This year, Thrown Forth helped mark the 39th anniversary of the Art and Art History program, a joint program between UTM and Sheridan Institute of Technology. With the help of Juliana Zalucky, the exhibition coordinator for the Blackwood Gallery, the show compiles forty-two artists into two shows that take place over a period of four weeks, making it the largest graduate show ever. The artists’ styles vary greatly, which helped make Thrown Forth unique.

Though the space was small, the show was carefully spread out, allowing a flow that helped each individual piece stand out. Different artistic mediums were represented: paintings, drawings, sculptures, videos and prints.

Andrea Beiko’s “OOPS” piece spilled off the wall. With an orange crush bottle on its side, pixels were represented as spilling over the floor from on top of its platform. A homage to pop art, the title was inspired by the Britney Spears song “Oops I Did it Again.”
Tucked away in the CCIT building, the E-gallery held the more technical pieces of art—pieces with complicated setups, including one hundred envelopes evenly spaced on a wall, as well as simpler ones, like a line of tape in the corner of the room. The standout piece was a large white glowing “tent” that smelled of lavender and had a small opening for viewers to crawl through.

Thrown Forth continues from March 17 until April 11. The second exhibition’s opening reception will take place on Wednesday, March 31 from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m.

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