Every now and then, the world seems to dwell on the past. People start to miss the little things, like our favourite TV shows from when we were younger. There’s a feeling of emptiness that comes with the end of your favourite series or growing out of them. Episodes that may have been part of your daily routine soon become a memory that you might revisit from time to time as you get older. All this reminiscing prompts the recent popularity of television or movie reboots as they’re becoming a common recurrence in today’s media. The films and shows that we grew up with have now evolved alongside us, as we find ourselves in the age of reboots.

There’s something comforting about bringing back content from the past. Reboots recall old feelings and match them to modern times. When I watched Lizzie McGuire in what seems like ages ago, I wouldn’t have imagined that I’d get the chance to see the show again sometime in the future, as a reboot for it was recently announced. Reboots bring about such an exciting concept; they give you what happens after “the end.” Getting to watch Lizzie as a 30 year old in New York City is something new and exciting while still keeping that familiarity of when the show first aired in 2001.

Even just hearing that Blue’s Clues is getting a reboot was enough to make me immediately think back on the days when I used to watch that show as a child. It triggered images of the little blue dog and the Blue’s Clues notepad set I had as a kid. It brought back a memory that’s been buried deep in my mind, and it reminded me of the joy I felt as a kid. It makes me happy to think that even though my time with Blue the dog has ended, the children today will get their chance to enjoy the same show I did with changes made to suit their generation.

Creating something new from something old is not always a bad idea; it probably saves networks and writers a lot of work, as they build from something that already exists. I’ve been taught that literature is always recycled. Stories are always evolving and lead to newer variations, but ultimately, the same key elements are kept at their core. The story has been told before, but it entertains us to view the infinite possibilities that lie ahead for the characters we adore, the settings that feel like a second home, and the plots we fell for.

With reboots, although audiences come for the familiarity, they stay for the new. Change is inevitable, and as we grow up, the world grows with us. The trends, technology, and beliefs of today are not the same as they were in the past, and the media needs to reflect that in order to adapt and keep up with our ever-changing world. But while the world changes, it’s nice to know that some things will come back to you. A reboot is an old friend knocking on your door, stopping by to say hello for the first time in a long time.

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