Style in focus: part 2


Why it works: The boyfriend blazer has become this seasons hottest trend. Almost every fashion store you walk into now has their version of this timeless piece. Whats great about this blazer is that it doesnt have to be fitted; it has the fit of a guys blazer with a stylish cut to compliment women of any body type. It is appropriate to wear to work, class and if paired with the right accessories, it can add flair to your outfit for a night out.

How to wear it: The reason this blazer has become so popular is its versatility. There are several ways to wear it this season, so here are a few Dos and Donts to remember:
Do wear them with skinny jeans. Dont wear them with flared or wide leg pants. Do wear them with this seasons hottest leggings. Dont actually wear your boyfriends blazer, because it wont work. Do wear it with a mini dress for a perfect balance of sexy and chic. Do spice up this look with a trendy scarf on a cold day.

Where to get it: H&M, Forever 21, ZARA

Why it works: Everyone needs a pair of strong shoulders, especially for this seasons edgy 80s look. Inspired from the 80s shoulder pad days, this season is all about showing confidence.
Whether you choose a dress, sweater or jacket with strong shoulders, the tip of the shoulder should have a rise with embellishments to give your look a feminine flare.

How to wear it: Balance the strong shoulders with slim fitting pants or leggings.

Why it works: This fancy footwear is this winters must have shoe trend. This look grazed runways during fashion weeks around the globe. They may not be your everyday shoe but dont you think they would look amazing?

How to wear it: Wearing this is easier than it looks. You can pull them off with skirts, skinny jeans and try it with this seasons boyfriend blazer to keep your body looking long and lean.

Where to get it: Aldo, Steve Madden

Why it works: Tights arent only to keep you warm during the winter. Ones that have details on them can be the perfect accessory to complete your look. This seasons hottest tights trends are lace and bold colours.

How to wear it: Opt for neutral and dark colors as your main outfit choice. This way, you can show off your bright tights without overdoing it in the colour department.

Where to get it: H&M, Aldo Accessories

Why it works: Big scarves are by far this seasons easiest and most comfortable trend. Scarves no longer just protect us from the cold winter days — they have become our favourite (and warmest) fashion accessory.

How to wear it: Scarves can be worn without hats to make them the focus of your winter ensemble. Stick to simple patterns and knits.

Where to get it: Urban Outfitters, H&M

Why it works: This skirt is the perfect combination between feminine and classy. The antique colour keeps it sophisticated and pretty.

How to wear it: This skirt looks fantastic against black tights and it works great with the boyfriend blazer. For a daytime look you can always wear it with flats and switch to heels if youre going out.

Where to get it: H&M

Why it works: All you need to do is invest in a good leather jacket to add rock and roll to your everyday outfit. The leather jacket is by far the trendiest jacket of the season. It comes in many different styles, from vintage to rocker chic — but they all work as long as its fitted.

How to wear it: Opt for a dark shade of either black or brown. You can wear it with any outfit to add edge to your look. Make your look fun and feminine by pairing your leather jacket with a feminine dress. The leather jacket works best with a great pair of boots and skinny jeans.

Where to get it: Guess, Mango, Bedo

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