The UTM Department of Visual Studies Student Society held their four-day Fall Art Sale last Monday to Thursday in the Davis Building, where students were able to admire and purchase artwork from UTM’s student artists.

The artists were given the option of forwarding all the proceeds from their art sales to future DVSSS events, or of splitting them with DVSSS.

A variety of artwork was available for sale, presented near an eye-catching DVSSS banner and two DVSSS executives serving as art vendors. Smaller prints and photographs were spread across the table, while larger, more expensive paintings stood on a farther table. Artists used different media to project their visions onto canvases and paper. One piece of art incorporated ink and photography in black and white to create images inspired by the human body. Another artist painted an abstract living room on a medium-sized canvas. Several others created watercolour headshot portraits on canvas.

Understanding that UTM students might not have the funds or the space for the large canvas works, DVSSS also had many smaller prints of ink drawings, etchings, photography, or a combination of media. Prices ranged from $2 for the small etchings to over $100 for large canvas paintings, giving students a plethora of choices.

“Our goal is to get ourselves known and to get the artists known,” said Cherie Novecosky, the DVSSS art and art history liaison.

The society will hold a second art sale in February. Their other events include an art exhibition, a portfolio critique, a film festival, and the “Pen Pal Project”, in which students, alumni, and faculty sent anonymous artwork to other participants.

DVSSS was formed in 2011 to serve students in art and art history, cinema studies, and visual culture and communications programs.

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