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Shall We Kill Daddy? is an exhibition showcasing the emerging artists in the Art & Art History program at the University of Toronto Mississauga as well as faculty members. Since this exhibition will be a collaboration of artists with diversity in style, content, technique, and aesthetics, it was important to unify them by theme.

The title and theme of the show is based on the article written by Mike Kelly for the catalogue on the work of Douglas Huebler: “…When we are forty, other younger and stronger men will probably throw us in the wastebasket like useless manuscripts…” The question posed becomes a confrontation of the generation gap with the emerging artist and the generation that has trained them. Shall We Kill Daddy? is a proposition as to whether the student generation is pushing the training generation out.

The exhibition had its grand opening on Wednesday, March 2, and remains open to the public until March 14. The once-dreary walls of the Inset Space in room 160 of the North Building have now been given life through the showcasing of artwork from senior printmakers Arnold de Guzman, Brent Hartford, Krista Keller, Emily Mahon, Katy Montica, Hannah Murray, Linda Ngo, Catherine Red, Natilee Zulerons, and professor Lisa Neighbour. The exhibition was co-curated by Brent Hartford and Natilee Zulerons with guidance and assistance from Neighbour and Keller.

Shall We Kill Daddy?  took the neglected Inset Space and translated it from a heavily academic workspace back to its true purpose as a gallery for displaying students’ artwork. The show has also been an opportunity for the senior print media students to showcase the high caliber of artwork that has been fostered through a skilled and passionate faculty.

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