On Thursday, March 1, around 275 people gathered at the Blind Duck Pub and enjoyed the 14th annual PAUSE Variety Night, organized by the Psychology Association of Undergraduate Students at Erindale in support of the ErinoakKids Foundation. Students, professors, and supporters of the psychology  department at UTM enjoyed live performances, baked goods, and raffle prizes throughout the evening.


Some of the highlights included Dr. Dax Urbszat’s cover of Green Day’s single “Time of Your Life” (which prompted a sing-along from the audience that resonated throughout the Student Centre), Natalie Yurkewich’s enchanting original guitar and vocal piece “A Day to Love”, and Dr. Jeff Graham’s lively band The Shift, featuring  Allan Sura, Steve Grudzuik, Dave  Robertson, and Gary Hoag.

Items up for auction included  assorted CDs, gift baskets, and the big ticket item, an air hockey table.


The PAUSE Variety Night raised $600 for ErinoakKids Foundation, a children’s treatment centre that provides care and support for over 10,000 children and youths each year with physical and developmental disabilities. The money raised will be used towards therapy and summer camps, which help  expose youths to a variety of ways for creative expression.


One performer, psychology specialist Caspian Sawczak, was also a volunteer at ErinoakKids. “I’m glad that Variety Night supports a first-class organization like ErinoakKids,” he said. “It’s a privilege to be involved there—both challenging and rewarding.”

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