Pharrell goes feel-good

After having a hand in two of 2013’s massive hits, “Blurred Lines” by Robin Thicke and “Get Lucky” by Daft Punk, Pharrell Williams has now released G I R L, his first solo album since 2006’s In My Mind. Williams delivers a sweet love letter to women on his 10-track album alongside a throwback to the groovy tunes and feel-good vibe of the ’80s.

The album starts off with the single “Marilyn Monroe”, in which he sings about powerful and captivating female icons like Marilyn Monroe, Cleopatra, and Joan of Arc, but assures women that they shouldn’t be defined by these standards. This album also includes the Academy Award–nominated Despicable Me 2 song “Happy”, which makes me feel like doing the Carlton every time I hear it.

Williams collaborated with several artists on the album. Justin Timberlake lends vocals in “Brand New”, a song about a woman who provides support in dark times. Miley Cyrus joins in on “Come Get It Bae”, a handclap-driven electro-funk song with an infectious vibe. On “Know Who You Are”, Williams and Alicia Keys offer inspiring lyrics and hints of reggae.

Williams’ latest collaboration with Daft Punk comes in “Gust of Wind”, which is the most lyrically heartfelt song on the album. Williams and Daft Punk use natural phenomena like wind and air as metaphors for a lady’s effect on a man. Other tracks such as “Lost Queen”, “Gush”, “Hunter”, and “It Girl” are a delight to listen to.

Pharrell Williams continues to amaze me with his wonderful music. G I R L, filled with innovative and catchy tunes and uplifting messages, is sure to cheer you up and keep you entertained. MMMM

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