Sidenote is a new educational podcast hosted by Mitchell Moffit and Gregory Brown. The Toronto-based creators also run their own YouTube channel and brand AsapSCIENCE. Every Wednesday, Moffit and Brown sit down to discuss controversial topics, personal anecdotes, and of course, science.

Gregory and Mitchell describe themselves as science communicators. In their YouTube videos and podcasts, they take on explaining scientific processes and newsworthy current events and trends. The goal of AsapSCIENCE is to get more people interested in science and to remove the intimidation that a lot of people feel when coming in contact with the subject. A few of the topics they have discussed range from sex-ed to alcohol consumption and reality television to human extinction.

With the help of their researcher Rachel, Moffit and Brown are able to relay relevant information and facts throughout the podcast that makes for easier understanding.

In their most recent podcast episode, “Human Extinction: Is the world going to end soon?” Moffit and Brown discuss climate change and faltering democracy, while teaching listeners about the psychological phenomena of love languages and the science of crying. Moffit takes an optimistic view of this topic whereas Brown comes to the debate from a more discouraged standpoint. This makes for an interesting discussion about how the current political and environmental climate will impact generations to come.

I’ve been loving Sidenote during my time on the bus commuting to and from school. I enjoy how the hosts present new topics and different perspectives in a way that feels like friends sharing stories with each other. The AsapSCIENCE team is a group of proficient scientific communicators and entertaining storytellers. Their podcast will teach and help you make greater connections to the world around you.

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