Now that the first week of school has come to an end, the only exciting thing to look forward to every day is hoping your professor finally uploaded a copy of your class syllabus, and that said syllabus is going to be followed with some degree of accurracy. However, the Blind Duck proved once again that there are more exciting things on campus than homework, profs, and pulling all-nighters, providing students with some well-deserved time for relaxation before facing the pile of textbooks waiting for them over the weekend.

On Thursday, UTMSU hosted the first pub night of the year at the Blind Duck. The theme of the event was Last Night of Summer, a title that probably struck more than a few sensitive chords after having become a sad reality for students.

The pub night was pretty much a farewell to summer, and a welcome back to UTM. There were a couple of things that students were looking forward to upon arriving at the event Thursday night.

First, the pub night was glow-in-the–dark, which went well with the electric music. It was too bad more people didn’t show up in white, because colours would have been flying everywhere in the darkness. However, it was good to see so many people make it out to the event—lack of participation can be an issue on a campus populated by so many commuter students.

Second, the incredible Jillionaire from the electric music group Major Lazer was the host. Major Lazer has had quite the year, with their song “Lean On” already number four on the Billboard charts this week. To be in the same room as Jillionaire was exciting for many students, and he kept up the positive vibe from the packed dance floor throughout the event.

The best part of pub nights is that you’re at school, but you’re not really at school in the traditional sense of the word. And the fact that students were celebrating the last night of summer was a reminder of what will come in the months ahead. We all knew that summer is coming to an end, but this way we could welcome the start of fall with a colourful, electric dance party with about 500 friends. And luckily for UTM students, there will be many more pub nights to come.

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