Lies and style

The popular show Suits maintains its sleek and sophisticated theme as it returns to television to continue its second season.

The midseason finale left the lawyers of the prestigious Pearson Hardman firm divided. Having just recovered from an aggressive firm takeover in which some of the characters were caught on the wrong side, we find them catching up after a week in recovery. However, Mike (Patrick J. Adams) has lost himself in his old marijuana habits and wound up in the middle of an old friend’s marriage. He comes back to the firm motivated, but somewhat rusty and/or high.

The legendary Harvey Specter (Gabriel Macht) maintains his reputation as the best closer in the city and reluctantly cashes in on his prestige when he ends up needing to save Mike from his compromising mistakes yet again by the end of the episode. We also witness Harvey’s rare compassionate side when he makes numerous efforts to rekindle a relationship he once shared with his old friend Zoe (Jacinda Barrett).

Louis (Rick Hoffman) returns to Pearson Hardman as a senior partner and is ecstatic to exercise some of his new privileges by seducing women with his title and hiring his own personal associate to stick it to Harvey and Mike. Once Louis finds himself comfortable in the position he’s strived for his whole career, his superior, Jessica Pearson (Gina Torres)—who he almost ousted in the season finale—remembers his act of betrayal and reacts by restricting his actions and limiting his glory.

In the season premiere, it seems the cast has expanded with the introduction of new characters, such as Harvey’s and Louis’s new hires for the firm. Louis’s top candidate, Maria “The Machine” Munroe (Aarti Mann), proves her worth in her first few minutes on screen; however, she also foreshadows the massive problems she might cause for Harvey and Mike. The second hire is Katrina Bennet (Amanda Schull), who comes as a result of a shady deal struck behind backs in order protect Mike from his destructive wave of righteousness.

The biggest conflict from the midseason finale was the rift that developed between Mike and Rachel Zane (Megan Markle) after she caught him in bed with another woman shortly after he tried to woo her. Now, as Mike struggles to keep his conscience afloat in all the corruption, he finds himself desperately trying to reconnect with Rachel, his closest friend, but fails multiple times.

Aside from his relationship issues, Mike begs to stay on a drunk driving case that closely resembles the death of his own parents and struggles to maintain a professional distance. Ultimately, he throws the case and divulges privileged information to the other side, compromising himself and the people of the firm he works with in the process. The midseason premier ends with everyone still trying to recover from the firm almost being lost—and from their own decisions.

It’s certainly a promising start to the rest of the season. MMMM

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