In 2009, American illustrator and cartoonist Jake Parker created Inktober, a daily drawing challenge in the month of October with the intention of improving his own inking skills. Eight years later, Inktober has become an international phenomenon.

The UTM Art Club has brought a piece of this creative outlet to campus in the form of the Reading Week Inktober Contest. Contestants created an original work of art every day during reading week and posted them to the art club’s Facebook page, or emailed them to the club’s executive members. For inspiration, contestants could turn to the official Inktober prompt list, with intriguing one-word concepts like “teeming” and “shattered,” or they could create something without these concepts.

The Medium interviewed the UTM Art Club’s president Ryanne Florence, a third-year art and art history major, and event coordinator Sam Hasbum, a fourth-year comparative physiology specialist.

“My goal for UTM Art Club is to make an inclusive space for people of all artistic levels,” said Florence. “We try to include both crafts and fine art related workshops to be able to welcome everybody.”

“This event is a continuation of our Inktober contest last year, which covered the full month[…] This year we’ve shortened it and tweaked it so that it’s easier for all students to participate,” she continued.

The club is offering three awards to participants. First, the Judge’s Choice, which will be voted on by the executive members of the UTMAC, involves having each executive member choose their favourite submission from the entire week, and the members will vote for their favourite piece overall out of the chosen. Second, a popular vote from the Art Club Hangout Facebook page, where the submission with the most likes will win. Finally, an award is given out through a random draw where contestants are given more entries into the draw with every piece of work they submit. This award encourages participants to be consistent and to draw every day.

The winners will be announced via the club’s social media pages.

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