Hordes of Chaos-Kreator

Ask anyone who the greatest thrash band in the world is and youll most likely hear Metallica, Megadeth, or Slayer.

Unfortunately those three bands havent recently released anything good enough to cement their status on the leaderboard. Quite the opposite, Kreators last few albums have been written and produced very well.

HOrdes of Chaos
Hordes of Chaos

Kreator is just one of those many bands that is good enough, and often better, than the heavyweights of their genre, but for some reason doesnt get as much attention because they arent mainstream enough for widespread consumption.

There are ten tracks on Hordes of Chaos, and not a single one of them is weak. The opening track Hordes of Chaos, which is full of Milles (vocalist/guitarist) trademark raspy growls and catchy chorus singalongs, is sure to be a crowd favourite at their concerts. War Curse, the other single off the album, lyrically deals with Naziism, much like the true thrash tradition.

One of the more interesting tracks on the record is Amok Run which opens up with an acoustic serenade while Mille sings with his ear-drum shattering baritone voice.

The accompanying bonus DVD, titled A ecrologue For The Elite, chronicles the making of the album as it shows clips of the band recording and mixing the album, discussing the content, and of course, plenty of clips of them goofing around.

Hordes of Chaos is the best metal album to have come out in 09 thus far, and although its extreme thrash nature may not appeal to all fans of the heavy metal spectrum, it is definitely an album that can be appreciated by long-time fans and newcomers of the thrash genre.

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