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I’m not a woman between the ages of 21 and 39, and that’s disappointing. Normally I wouldn’t care, but after listening to Greg Wood’s self-titled album, I really want to be what Greg Wood wants. So I’m here to sell the ladies on Greg Wood.

Greg Wood has a lot to offer. He can play the guitar and he can sing. He probably owns a dog. His style of rock is a little generic and he sounds kind of like Chad Kroeger, but at least Greg Wood will treat you right. I know this because he has several songs about the specifics of treating you right.

Greg Wood is sensitive. He sings, “Life is like a river, and I’m like a stone.” That’s pretty deep. He could be your shoulder to cry on. Imagine your tears dampening his guitar strap and tell me that’s not a bonding experience. I’d feel safe in Greg Wood’s hands. He doesn’t wear a hat on the album cover, but I’d hold his hat if he asked.

Greg Wood’s a romantic. On the eighth track, “I Want a Girl”, he sings, “I want a girl, I want a girl, I want a girl, I want a girl.” Girls love a guy who can communicate, and Greg Wood understands the female condition. His best track by far is “Broken Hearted Girl”. He sings softly about heartache and backs it up with intricate acoustic guitar-playing. I loved every second of it and I’m not even a broken-hearted girl.

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