Gearing up for ArtsFest


Those of us who fancy the arts—whether theatre, film, music, or poetry—value the artistic events and activities that take place on campus. Although there are many opportunities at UTM for expression and celebration,  improvement in this tradition is always welcomed by the many students who are passionate about sustaining a healthy and vibrant arts community.


Largely facilitated by the growing presence of the Artistic  Resource Team, a variety of performance and showcase nights have emerged on campus. The ART’s mandate is to help students express their talents and passions through campus-wide and  student-run events, and so far has proven highly effective. From the biannual Coffee House nights to the upcoming ArtsFest on  February 10, these events matter a great deal to the students who have come to depend on their art and creative-collaborative nature to enrich their university experience and further their development as artists.


Enter a long weekend of  competitive ArtsFest auditions that took place on January 6 to 8.


A wide range of artists from across campus gathered in the CCT Building last weekend to audition for UTM’s upcoming ArtsFest. Musicians, vocalists,  actors, dancers, and other  performers gathered in front of the audition panel—made up of members of the Artistic Resource Team and Residence Life—to compete for slots in the showcase and performance series.


Performers were asked to email weeks in advance to express their interest, and students patiently waited for their opportunity to deliver the best possible performance for the panels. From the comedy of musical theatre to the complex physical dynamics of dance to the subtle art of vocalizing and playing instruments, students performed competitively in front of the panel judges for a chance to shine in the showcase.


If selected, students will compete in their respective categories in front of judges and an audience. Potential prizes and audience participation hangs in the balance and is part of the dynamism that makes ArtsFest a  favourite with UTM students.

Finalists and performers will be selected this week and will perform at UTM’s 11th annual ArtsFest showcase series on  February 10 in CCT 1080. Come out and support artistic talent on campus!

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