On September 20, the UTM English and Drama Student Society hosted their second annual Get Involved social. The presentation was held in the Student Centre and had a great turn out of students eagerly awaiting to find out more about clubs on campus. The event showcased eleven clubs, each with representatives to promote their groups. The enthusiastic emcee for the night was Latisha Lobban, the social events director for EDSS.

The first club to speak was Art club. Representatives emphasized that the club is a place for all art enthusiasts. Club members will partake in various forms of artwork, including drawing, paint nights, and origami. Regardless of artistic skill level, this is a place for everyone. Their goal is to engage with other creative students in a casual setting where everyone can relax and socialize. The club also features meetings with various instructors, so members can learn and try new tactics. All events are free and the club provides all materials.

Another artistic club is Art for Hearts. Their objective is to facilitate group projects which focus on collaboration and community. Afterwards, all the artwork club members create is donated. Previous works have been presented to elementary schools and hospitals. The club doesn’t hold meetings but hosts three to four events per year. When asked why the arts are important to her and her club, President Sigi Maho happily said, “Art is therapy. One of our pieces is in a hospital, and it helps to reduce stress and spread art to the buildings patients.”

Next up was the Cinema Studies Association. The club convenes to watch movies and is a place for everyone since members don’t have to be part of the program to join. They host themed events throughout the year with free popcorn. The team has a selective process for picking movies to screen because they enjoy playing inclusive films to give voices to minorities and attention to women who work behind the camera.

The Political Science and Pre-Law Association highlighted their goal of being an extension of the material learned in lectures. They host a variety of pre-law programs which include LSAT prep, law school events, and panel discussion. The club invites guest speakers such as professors, to orate at meetings. Also, UTM political science alumni return to share their experiences of the program. When asked about her plans for involving students, President Rupinder Liddar replied that she would “reach out to them through social media. We want to let them know they can get to know their professors. They can have meet and greets with them in a comfortable setting to explore their interests.”

Members of the Undergraduate Philosophy Society don’t need to be part of the program to join either—the only requirement is a vested interest in the field of study. UPS facilitates debates, screens philosophical movies, and hosts writing workshops. Their goal is to encourage students to be involved in philosophy. They want members to talk about big ideas and controversial topics to provoke critical thinking.

Additionally, Free the Children is a club which advocates help for the less fortunate. They work with Me to We and focus on local and global campaigns to raise awareness of pressing issues. Their goal is to pick one pillar and support it throughout the year. Emily Sullo, Co-President of Free the Children, explained, “Arts for us is a different definition. We’re a social justice team. We do a lot of things campaign wise that promote individuality. We have a different approach to how Me to We does it. It’s important to help.”

Lastly, EDSS emphasized their goal of fostering a sense of community in the English and drama departments. They host academic events led by professors or the Academic Skills Centre. They also host social events to connect students on campus and aim to make the English subject enjoyable for everyone. Lobban says that they will be involving students “through academic and social events. In academic events, there will be lecture slides lead by English professors. And social events include Harry Potter week!”

There are a variety of clubs offered at UTM, so find your fit and get involved.

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