Fall Out Boy still wows the crowd

As their sound evolves, FOB makes a great album

A few minutes after choosing to write a new album review, my best friend coincidentally emailed me this: “Check out the new Fall Out Boy album, American Beauty/American Psycho (preferably with loud headphones).” I now understand why he added the last recommendation.

Beginning the new year with the release of their sixth album, Fall Out Boy has given lovers of their alternative rock another successful run. It’s a fun album with great tunes, and to be honest, when the music stopped playing on my phone, I was upset.

American Beauty/American Psycho is 11 songs that range from the ’90s-pop-sounding titular song to the hit single, “Centuries”. Some songs have a more serious, though upbeat, melody to them, like “The Kids Aren’t Alright” and “Jet Pack Blues”.

Were I to choose a favourite song, it would have to be “American Beauty/American Psycho”, the most outgoing song of the album. The song sounds like it could be the lovechild of a 1990s DJ and a rocker from the 21st century. Despite a catchy chorus and the nonstop instrumentation, the ending comes too soon.

Half inspirational and half old-school feel-good rock, “Centuries” will pump you up and make you want to walk in slow motion with fireworks going off behind you. All about leaving a legacy and “going down in history”—not like Rudolph; he was last month—“Centuries” is one of the reasons my friend recommended that I listen to the album with “loud headphones”. The song starts a capella and moves onto an ensemble of instruments with lead vocals by Patrick Stump, whose familiar voice runs chills up your spine.

This album shows the evolution of the band; what was once a punk/pop rock band is now a mature, alternative rock group. It’s an album I will tell people to check out, just as I encourage you to do. Particularly if you’re looking for an old sound that will bring back memories from high school.

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