Danny Fernandes: Who's his private dancer?

With hit singles Private Dancer, Fantasy and Never Again to his name, R&B artist Danny Fernandes doesnt have much to complain about. Fernandes, 24, recently picked up a Much Music Video Award for best Canadian Pop Video of the year and has toured along-side big name acts such as Flo Rida, Akon and The Pussy Cat Dolls prote�ge�s, Girlicious.
The limelight did not come to Fernandes overnight. The youngest member of the Toronto Raptors Dance Pak, he spent years dancing on stage for artists such as Aaron Carter, Blackstreet and Deborah Cox. After his song Curious was released in Europe, Fernandes gained internation- al recognition and soon joined forces with Canadas CP Records, home to artists such as Massari and Belly.
Fernandes stopped by last Thursday and sat down with The Medium for an exclusive interview.

The Medium: Congratulations onwinning the MMVA for Best Canadian Pop Video of the Year for Private Dancer! How did it feel to lead with the most nominations in five categories and to win your first MMVA?
Danny Fernandes: Thank you, it was so flattering to be nominated, and to win my first MMVA for Private Dancer was amazing. I couldnt believe I had the most nominations [tied with Nickelback]. When I heard, my reac- tion was to ask, Are you sure? I was calling everyone to double check!
TM: Your music is always evolving. Your songs Curious, Private Dancer, and Fantasy are very catchy. Never Again is filled with emotions. Is it about someone that youve dated?
DF: I actually wrote Never Again myself. The song is about an ex-girl- friend I was with for three years. I wanted to say what I felt and put it on paper for my fans because I think everyone can relate to heartbreak. TM: Well, you now have a lot of female fans. What advice can I give to girls who want to approach you?
DF: I like the chase factor. Id much rather a girl come up to me and intro- duce herself rather than act like a fan. TM: I read that you were a romantic. Whats the most romantic thing youve ever done for a girl?
DF: (laughs) Well, you know the girl I wrote Never Again about? I sur- prised her by flying her out to Europe when I was on tour. She loved it and I think that was pretty romantic.
TM: Does she know the song was writ- ten about her?
DF: Yeah, I told her. She knows. TM: Given your success, is there any- one from your past who didnt believe in you that you would like to coinci- dentally run into so you could fill them in on your life now? DF: Yeah! Everyone from my elemen- tary school and high school. No one
believed in me at school. TM: Is there anything that your friends hate about you?

DF: They hate that I get a lot of girls (laughs) and that I get to travel while they have to work 9 to 5 jobs.

TM: Thats something to be envious about! Okay, Danny, Im going to ask you some questions that you can answer by filling in the blank. Feel free to say no comment to anything you wish.

DF: Okay, lets go!

TM: Rumours about you and Nicole Cordova from Girlicious? DF: True. TM: Which artist would you love to collaborate with? DF: The Dream, hes amazing!

TM: Who is the most famous per- son on your cell phone? DF: (pulls out phone to check) Id have to say Drake. He is every- where right now!

TM: If you werent a singer youd be a…

DF: A dancer. I would probably teach, maybe even open up my own dance studio. TM: If you had a reality show, it
would be called…

DF: (laughs) Good question. Id probably call it Life with Danny.

TM: Your favourite thing to do besides make music is…

DF: At the moment Id say playing Rock Band (laughs) which still has to do with music.

TM: Your idea of a good time is…

DF: Hanging out with my friends and family cause I dont get to see them often.

SM: Your least favourite food is…

DF: FISH! I HATE FISH! (laughs) It smells and I think theyre ugly.

SM: The word that describes you best is…

DF: Artistic. Im so full of ideas, my brain works on over time. Its hard to keep up with me, Ive been told.
SM: You never leave home with- out…

DF: My BlackBerry! Its like a drug, I swear! Anyone who doesnt have one should get one.
SM: The best show on T.V. is…

DF: Family Guy. SM: Your favourite place to travel is…

DF: Vancouver. The west coast is absolutely beautiful.

SM: One thing people dont know about you is…

DF: Im a mammas boy (laughs). She is my life.

SM: Ten years from now youll be…

DF: A legend (laughs). Thats my goal.

SM: The most important thing youve learned about the industry is…
DF: Keep your friends close but your enemies closer. A lot of peo- ple are out to get you. The only people you need are the ones who will do anything and everything for you.
SM: Whats next for Danny Fernandes?

DF: I just moved to Mississuaga. I have been travelling, performing shows and now I have a new album coming out and Im preparing to go on tour with Akon and Pitbull.

SM: I look forward to seeing great achievements from you. Thank you for your time — its been great chat- ting with you. Do you have any last words?
DF: I just want to thank all of my fans for the support. It means the world to me.

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