Cruz Reviews: February Trailers


This sci-fi flick centres on the idea that alien heirs and heiresses are set to rule the residents of Earth and several other planets. Unbeknownst to her, Jupiter Jones (Mila Kunis) is the heiress to Earth. With the help of intergalactic soldier Caine Wise (Channing Tatum), she battles the heir Balem (Eddie Redmayne) for control of Earth.

This film looks like it’ll be full of some pretty incredible action and cinematography, if nothing else. The story doesn’t seem half-bad and given the acting power, this film seems like it’ll be a pretty decent ride.

Jupiter Ascending is set to be released on February 6.



In this comedy horror, Ryan Reynolds plays Jerry, a man with a mental illness and a positive view of the world. After avoiding taking his medication, Jerry begins to hallucinate that his cat and dog are talking to him. He battles the clashing opinions of the two as his dog is convincing him he’s a good man, but his cat is telling him to kill people.

Reynolds seems like the perfect man to play a character like this. We’ve seen him in serious roles and in funny ones and the two finally appear to be merging. I’m pretty excited to see this one, especially because this movie backs up the idea that cats are evil and would indeed encourage murder if they could speak.

The Voices is set to be released on February 6.



Based on one of my favourite musicals by Jason Robert Brown, The Last Five Years focuses on the five-year relationship between Cathy (Anna Kendrick) and Jaime (Jeremy Jordan). Their marriage crumbles and the story is told from two different perspectives: Cathy’s in reverse chronological order and Jaime’s from just after they first met.

This story is heartbreaking but beautiful. It’s filled with terrific music, emotional scenarios everyone has experienced, and wonderful performances (at least on Broadway). Kendrick and Jordan are wonderful singers and actors and I’m sure they’ll do justice to this musical.

The Last Five Years is set to be released on February 13.



Don’t even act like you don’t know what this is about. It comes out on February 13. Enjoy yourself, but don’t ever tell me what you saw in there.



Adding a new label to the group of friends, this movie tells the story of a young girl who has been labeled the “duff” among her friends—the designated ugly fat friend. Taking immediate umbrage to the term, she teams up with one of the jocks to turn her into the “dateable” one in exchange for a passing science grade.

Despite the obvious offence some will take, the “duff” is not a term unfamiliar to some cliques. I’m interested to see what this comedy will do with the idea, even though it’ll probably end tritely with the duff and the jock hooking up.

The Duff is set to be released on February 20.



Will Smith and Margot Robbie star in this film about Nicky Spurgeon, a skilled con man who takes on a new “intern”, Jess Barrett, to teach her the tricks of the trade and being her in on a huge heist. But things get messy when the two of them become romantically involved and get entangled with a dangerous criminal.

This looks like an okay film with all the topless scenes, gambling, pool parties, and car chases one could ask for. I wasn’t blown away by the trailer but it doesn’t look like something I’d blow off either.

Focus is set to be released on February 27.



Kevin Costner stars as Jim White, a teacher who coaches a Latino cross country team to the championships while helping them through several social issues in the 1980s.

This film looks like it’ll be packed with feel-good scenes but also deals with very real, important issues that are present today.

McFarland, USA is set to be released on February 20.

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