From screenwriter David S. Goyer (Blade series, Dark Knight trilogy, Man of Steel) comes a TV series for comic book lovers. Based on the Hellblazer comic series, Constantine expands on and explores the DC universe. Taking elements from shows such as Grimm and Supernatural, the series premiere suggests a different take on the horror genre, and paves a well-organized plot and story to build upon.

John Constantine is an ex-con, an exorcist, and a detective who sets out to protect Earth from evil and other supernatural events while dealing with his complicated past and seeking redemption. The series kicks off with Constantine (Matt Ryan) in an asylum trying to solve a case, and will involve Constantine dealing with elements from his past. One such element, Liv Aberdine (Lucy Griffiths), is the daughter of Constantine’s old friend and has a peculiar power to see paranormal activities vividly.

Constantine is watched over by an authoritative angel, Manny (Harrold Perrineau), and given a heads-up when things are about to get rough. After receiving multiple warnings about the danger yet to come, Constantine ventures though the city with his close friend Chas Chandler (Charles Halford) and Aberdine to track down the demon that has been chasing her. Constantine must draw the line between right and wrong, and ultimately ends up having to choose between protecting Aberdine and putting innocent lives in jeopardy while the demon tracks her down.

This series premiere stays true to the source material, unlike the 2005 live action film starring Keanu Reeves and Rachel Weisz, which Desson Thomson of The Washington Post described as having an “at best superfluous” connection to Hellblazer. (“The disparity starts with the original John Constantine (Reeves’s character) being from Liverpool, England,” he writes. “Reeves from the city of John and Paul? As if.”) The new TV series, however, does omit one primary characteristic of Constantine—his smoking. He’s a little bit healthier than his comic book counterpart.

The pilot is action-packed and has commendable special effects and an eerie setting. The episodes to follow are likely to be even more exciting. Not to be missed. MMMM

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