From the team that gave us V/H/S comes another horror flick that brings some new elements to the horror genre. The film follows a young woman who is impregnated with Satan’s baby, and as the plot unfolds, we see some traditional elements of the genre explored in a modern context.

Devil’s Due follows a newlywed couple (played by Allison Miller and Zach Gilford) instead of a modern-day nuclear family. Despite this slight deviation from the standard premise, the film is largely shot in a handheld and “found footage” style, and includes some horror clichés, such as a dog sensing that something eerie is afoot.

The use of romance and humour in the buildup to the action is commendable, but some segments were unnecessarily stretched out. And the plot lacks originality, ripping off other films in the genre, like Paranormal Activity, Rosemary’s Baby, and The Omen. That said, superstition, rituals, and religion are used in a new way to add to the scare factor of this film. Refreshingly, it doesn’t overly rely on jump scares to frighten the audience, and the cinematography and effects are worthy of praise.

Devil’s Due takes its found footage in a new direction, but it lacks a well-structured plot. A couple of segments weren’t explained and have the potential to spawn sequels. If you enjoy horror films and are looking for some alternative Valentine’s Day viewing, try not to miss this. MMM

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