It’s that time of the year again—that magical time when Cirque du Soleil makes its way around the globe and stops for two months to wow Torontonians. The Québec-based travelling circus is here until
October 9, dazzling its audience night after night with its latest show, Totem. Cirque du Soleil is fantastically creative, constantly coming up with a variety of different themes for shows which are sure to please the masses.

Totem reflects the evolution of mankind—from ape to the modern-day businessman, and everything in between. The show is divided into a series of acts, each of which focus on demonstrating different and unique talents within evolving roles. Acts range from the awe-inspiring acrobatics of salamanders to the extraordinary strength and poise of bar balancing businessmen. There are roller-skaters, trapeze artists, unicyclists, and so, so much more. Plus, the entertainers that come onstage between acts are nothing short of hilarious.

Cirque du Soleil certainly delivers an amazing experience; every single act delivers a nearly flawless
performance by highly trained and focussed artists. What’s more, the intricately designed costumes are absolutely gorgeous to look at. It is also worth mentioning that Le Grand Chapiteau is an ideal venue for the show, as every seat in the house provides the audience with a fantastic view. It really doesn’t matter how much you spend on tickets here—no matter where you sit, you are guaranteed to get an eyeful. Cirque du Soleil delivers a phenomenal show and is sure to leave you with a memorable experience. For tickets and show times, visit www.cirquedu .

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