We love the girls of Gossip Girl for their impeccable and unique style, but there’s also a lot to learn from the guys. Chuck Bass is undoubtedly one of the most stylish guys on Gossip Girl. His style is unique, to say the least. You’ll never find him in jeans or a t-shirt (unless he’s trying to be ironic), and his ensembles are completely outside the box. Who else would wear a purple jumper with yellow trousers? But the most important element of Chuck’s style is the way everything is pulled together. Like his personality, everything he wears is cleverly calculated, right down to his socks. Chuck is chic.

Here are four easy fashion rules we can learn from Chuck, and ideas for girls and guys on how to interpret these rules.

1. Embrace bright colours.

Bright colours are a huge part of Chuck’s style, and he often wears them in unexpected combinations. So to channel Mr. Bass, forget the rules—mix red and green, pink and red, and slightly different shades of the same colour. Then rock your look with confidence. Chuck’s style strikes a balance between matchy-matchy and completely un-coordinated. I definitely think he matches his socks in with his outfit, even if you barely see them! I love the smart, androgynous trousers in the girls’ outfit, paired with the fun shirt and cardigan. The guys’ outfit is simple. Wear it with great fitting trousers and tons of confidence. This is for the guy that wants to look cool without following the crowd.

2. Chinos are the new jeans.

We already know that skinny cargo pants are the next big thing, but their slightly tamer cousins—beige chinos—literally go with everything! They are as universally wearable as jeans, but have a much classier and dressier feel. Although they may be associated with the summer months, as Chuck shows us, you can wear them all year round.

I am in love with the girls’ outfit; I can’t get enough of its simple androgynous feel, and it has all the elements of Chuck! This is a really wearable, preppy look—very New England. The guys’ outfit is also super-simple; I tried to dress the chinos in the same way you would wear jeans by including a simple shirt and cardigan combo. But the gorgeous leather shoes give it a touch of sophistication.

3. Smart tailoring is essential.

Smart tailoring is what Chuck does best: he never looks more comfortable than when he is in a suit, complete with bowtie and waistcoat. His secret? Everything is perfectly fitted. So get his look with classic pieces that fit well, or get friendly with your local tailor or seamstress to have your favorite pieces made to fit.

The girls’ outfit is perfect for daytime. The look of tailored shorts works with ankle socks or tights for winter. The red blazer adds an element of fun, but is still sharp and bright… Chuck would definitely approve. The guys’ outfit channels Chuck’s love of tailoring: a gorgeous grey suit looks great paired with a fun tie and a pastel shirt. Chuck is often seen in lilac or pink shirts, and nearly always chooses grey over black when it comes to suits. This look is perfect if you have something fancy to attend.

4. Don’t forget a fabulous coat.

Chuck is fantastic at layering, and understands the power of a great coat. After all, come winter, if you have a gorgeous coat on, it doesn’t even matter what you have on underneath! He loves belted styles, which are flattering on both girls and guys. In addition, a belted trench is perfect for fall in Toronto.

Both the outfits are quite simple, focusing on the standout coats. The girls’ outfit is wearable but smart—I really wanted to try out Chuck’s strategy of mixing red and pink, plus skinny black trousers and a classic trench are wardrobe staples. The guys’ outfit is for a guy who’s ready to take a style risk: a pale shirt, chinos, boat shoes, and a patterned scarf all combine for a look that’s very Chuck.

Follow these simple steps and before you know it, Bass Enterprises will be calling you up any day!

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  1. This article really sums up a whole lot about men’s fashion and how one can take charge of their style. By giving the reader one really good and accessible example: Chuck Bass; I really think readers, like me, will find that we can all take style tips from the top and work them into our daily wardrobe.

    Great work Lysan!

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