Becoming an original guido

From fist-pumping guidos to crazy guidettes, the party never stops at the Jersey Shore—or, in this season, Miami Beach. With catchy words like “chode”, “juicehead”, “grenade”, and “landmine”, the Jersey Shore cast has invented new vocabulary that has become universally recognized. The first season became a hit on MTV as thousands of viewers tuned in to watch a reality show about eight Italian-American “original guids”.

The cast consists of a unique set of people, each with different personalities that bring humour and surprise to each episode. Mike “The Situation” turned heads with his toned six-pack. How did he get his nickname, you might ask? Well, it’s a story he tells repeatedly: a young guidette looked at his body and said, “Well, now, that’s a situation!”… and the rest is history. His buddy, DJ Pauly D, is known for his “blowout” hairdo and his brand new track, “Beat that Beat”. In every episode, the two rebels are trying to hook up with any girl who walks their way.

Two BFFLs in the house are Jenny “JWoww”, and Nicole aka “Snooki”. JWoww is known as a man-eater: she’s a girl with zero self-control, fake breasts, and an aggressive attitude. Everyone knows not to mess with this bombshell.

Her sidekick Snooki is the shortest and cutest of them all. With her five foot frame—including her towering poof—Snooki loves disturbing the peace with her antics. The ultimate guidette, Snooki loves to “smush” and enjoys dating  “ ’roided, juicehead guidos”.

Vinny, the youngest cast member, is a low key, easygoing guy. He comes from the typical big Italian family and is a true mamma’s boy. He loves his pasta, and his family appears in a couple episodes. His rival, Angelina is back (after leaving during season one), speaking her mind and not caring who she offends. This outcast is known for talking smack about her roommates and being a double agent. Her excessive drinking gets her into trouble, and has resulted in many night hook-ups.

Sammy “Sweetheart” is probably the most oblivious girl in the world. With a deep love for Ronnie, she’s clearly being taken for a ride. She was single at the start of season one, but she and Ronnie have been on-and-off together for both seasons. She loves to cuddle and hates hardcore parties, but Ronnie loves to party and get wasted. During his “Single-Ronnie Days”, he gets into four-way kissing and drinking to the point of no recollection. If you’re in a brawl and need some help, Ronnie is the man to call. With his huge muscles and short temper, he’s always ready for a fight. Entering season one, his golden rule was to never fall in love at Jersey Shore— but it seems he’s under a spell.

This summer, the second season aired and filming of the third season is currently underway. Although the cast has a huge fan base, not everyone is a supporter. Unico National, the largest Italian-American service organization in the US, has claimed that many outraged Italians called and requested that the show be cancelled. Similarly, some advertisers have pulled their commercial ads from the show.

However, MTV continues to stand by the hit, claiming that they are not stereotyping Italians, but are “depicting just one aspect of youth culture”.

If you enjoy reality shows like the Real World and The Hills, and are not easily offended, then this show is definitely for you! With their late-night partying, drinking habits, and loud antics, the Jersey Shore cast will make you laugh and sometimes cry. Watch the second season, Jersey Shore: Miami, Thursdays at 10 p.m.—and learn how to fist pump the night away.

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