New year, new start! In 2011, let’s say you can be anything you’d like. Maybe this is your year to get absolutely perfect grades or to finally be on time. Maybe this is your year to fall in love, or to fall in love with being single. Perhaps this is even the year to become famous, or infamous.

But no matter what your other New Year’s resolutions might be this time around, you absolutely should make the following three New Year’s beauty resolutions. I promise you’ll be surprised at how gorgeous they will make you feel, inside and out.

1. I will not use my nails as tools.

Here’s a story that may sound familiar to you, about a girl that we’ll call “Jane”. Jane finds a sparkly new nail polish colour. Jane loves the colour. Jane uses the colour. Jane is happy. Jane gets tons of compliments. Jane buys her BFF Jill a birthday present and scratches off the price tag with her newly-done nails. Jane opens a jar of candy using her nails. Jane essentially confuses her nails with power tools on an hourly basis. Suddenly, Jane wonders why her nails look like a hot mess.

See where this is going? Your nails were meant for good—if you want them to look good, stop using them as tools!

2. I’ll throw out my makeup on time.

You may love the way that shade of lip gloss sparkles and the way your mascara allows you to flutter your eyelashes just perfectly, but there is simply nothing sexy about the icky bacteria that can get into makeup if you hold on to it for too long!

While eyeshadow and eyeliner can last for a good three years, you should throw out mascara approximately every four months. As for lipstick and nail polish, one year is the date to keep in mind.

3. I will try a hairstyle straight from the runway.

The runway is often a source of inspiration for style, and some recent runway looks are simply too fabulous to ignore. While of course you might pay more attention to the clothes, you would be doing yourself a disservice to overlook the hairstyles that teams of aesthetic gurus have chosen to complement the season’s hottest looks.

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