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The Casserole offers you self-expression

The Casserole, a newly launched free online magazine of poetry, fiction, nonfiction, art, rants, and blurbs, published its inaugural issue on January 31.

In short, the Casserole is essentially a mix of unapologetic stories and striking artwork. It conveys what founder and editor-in-chief Sara Peters calls “the experience of being human”.

She says the idea came from “the early ’90s riot grrrl zine scene. The edginess of it—the ad-hoc, do-something-now attitude—intrigued me.” Peters felt that many of the publications on this campus have specific rules about what’s publishable. She wanted to “carve out a space in which people didn’t feel censored in terms of content or style”.

Those who contribute determine everything about the way the magazine looks, sounds, and feels. There are no rules. Scrolling through the magazine’s first issue, one can see a sense of artistic randomness that celebrates a beautifully human quirkiness that suits the people of UTM. The editors of the Casserole, comprising Peters, Madeleine Brown, Matt Long, Matt Spadafora, Muzzammil Abdur-Razak, and Melissa Carter, approach writing with an open mind.

Peters says the name came from the dish and represents the “whole is greater than the sum of its parts” philosophy. The magazine is open to everyone, regardless of program, writing skill, or interest. Basically, if you have something to express, this magazine wants you to know that it’s the place.

To read the magazine, visit They’re currently accepting work. If you want to get involved or give feedback, you can email the editors at

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