If you thought your movie character crushes were bad, it probably does not beat my undying love for Aladdin. Thankfully, I love Princess Jasmine so much that I’ve let go of my unhealthy obsession just a little bit, and have left Jasmine and Aladdin to love one another in cinematic eternity.

Aladdin is a 1992 Disney movie, packed with love stories and desperation to rule. After street-side Aladdin finds a lamp and frees the genie within it, he wishes to go from rags to riches to impress Princess of Agrabah, Jasmine—who must find a suitor to marry before her birthday. Wanting to find someone she truly loves, Aladdin whisks her away from her balcony on a magic carpet ride, but when she finds out that he lied about his whereabouts, the plot unfolds.

Agrabah is a spitting image of any modern day West Asian country, such as Iraq. Ancient street images and rustic buildings are reliant on painting this image. The sultan’s palace, where Princess Jasmine resides, resembles the Taj Mahal with its complex structure and elegant architecture. However, unlike most viewers’ notions, the film is thought to be set somewhere in the Middle East rather than in India.

Bringing in Robin Williams as the genie was captivating; he brought something different to the tale of our typical Disney love story. He’s rich with comedic interludes and he gets to be Aladdin’s best friend, whether Aladdin is open to the idea or not. Meeting him for the first time, he whips up a microphone and a neon sign with Aladdin’s name on it, and exclaims: “Aladdin! Hello, Aladdin, nice to have you on the show. Can we call you Al, or maybe just Din? Or how about Laddie?”

Aladdin gets increasingly suave when he pulls out his carpet to show Princess Jasmine the entire world—in one night. Although travelling the entirety of the globe with a guy you just met might be dangerous, the rug is indestructible to the guy’s credibility.

The film’s themes never get old, even just over 25 years later—your charisma and strength in character will always beat out superficiality. If you stay true to yourself then others will do the same.

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