My Battles – Simone Monteiro

People say you’re either a “lover” or a “fighter,”

But I have come to realize

I am neither. 

Instead, I am a writer.

I don’t always forgive easily, 

Or ever raise my fists. 

Instead, I arm myself with a pen as my sword and paper as my shield.

The only blood shed resulting in the smooth ink seeping onto the page,

Staining the paper with my emotions.

My thoughts are effortlessly engraved with each stroke of the pen.

I work tirelessly to fill up each line with memories;

Sparing no details in recollecting my victories and losses.

Each fight is documented within the arena of my book.

In times of sadness and need for courage,

I flip through the pages,

Consuming every word inscribed on the fibres of the paper. 

I remind myself, 

I am loving, strong, and brave.

I am a writer.

Far from here – Libby Setiadi 

Oh, how I wish to bicycle 

Down the stone beach path 

The violet, rose gold, dusty undecided sky 

Will stretch above me 

Like a blanket 

I will stop at the turn 

Where a sea monster with a siren’s head 

and serpent’s body lies, awake, and 

staring at the ocean. 

She is wishing and longing 

to be able to move her 

Stone limbs and submerge 

Into the deep light dark shallow unknown blue 

You can tell she yearns it 

By her 


To be far from here

Dark Light – Nour Nazmi Saqqa

We’re all going to die.

In a dark and box-sized grave we will lie.
No one in the ground will care.
For this day, we must prepare.

On earth, we should give
And always try to forgive.
We should put the past in the past
Because nothing will ever last.

We should show kindness to those in need.
Kindness can be our way to succeed.
We should stop the betrayal and lies.
These only destroy our ties.

We should repent even more than we do
Because God forgives more than just a few.
We should fight for what matters most
And always to justice we should toast.

We should never forget to pray
Because any time could be our last day.
We should tell those we love that we care
Because life is never fair.

We should remember those who didn’t survive
And thank God we are still alive.
Every day counts more than the one before
Because it brings us closer to when we can count no more.

Tell yourself you’re alive for a reason.
Never give up no matter the season.
Every day is a chance to start anew.
Yet those who realize this are but a few.

Starry Night – Natalie Ng

Under the starry night

the dark blue sky embraces us

The moon hangs above like a guiding light

for the once lost courage and hope

Tranquility transcends the restless souls

to a moment of solitude and peace

We are never alone

As the twinkling stars gleam

the wonderers dream

Lavender goodbyes – Gabby Alysia

Lavender nights, 

Lavender skies, 

Lavender kisses, 

Lavender goodbyes, 

Hold me close, 

With those Lavender eyes. 

Uncontrolled hearts, 

Your laughter, a song, 

All our desires, 

Together in a throng, 

Twilight haze, 

Twilight lies, 

Periwinkle phrases, 

Intrepid disguise. 

I’ll hold your Lavender kisses, 

Until my last breath draws, 

Listen to your Twilight lies, 

As long as I never hear, 

Those Lavender goodbyes.

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